Monday, May 19, 2014

Review: To Conspire

To Conspire

Title: To Conspire
Author: Sara Gauldin
Pages: 86
Genre: Crime
Goodreads Description 
To Conspire is a fast paced mystery and crime drama that brings the element of conspiracy at all levels of public infrastructure into question. The story is based on a Detective who is ordered by her commanding officer to investigate the disappearances of several bankers off of the record. She is teamed up with a gentleman who ultimately causes her to question the simplistic view she has on crime.

My Rating 
4 Stars

My Thoughts

Ok finaly finished going to have to take a day to thinks about his book. This was not my usual type of read. At first I did not think I was enjoying it but after reading the rest of it to day I kinda like it.

Ok after sitting here thinking about the book I have decided to give this book a 4. This was a really fast passed book full of action. The crime was a little confusing to me but I guess that is because I am not that into conspiracy theories. If you are into conspiracy theories and searching for patterns in everyday things this is the book for you.

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