Friday, May 30, 2014

Review: The Doomsday Kids Liam's Promise

The Doomsday Kids: Liam's Promise (Doomsday Kids, #1)

Title: Doomsday Kids Liam's Promise
Series: The Doomsday Kids #1
Author: Karyn Langhorne Folan
Genre: YA
Goodreads Description
Separated from their parents, eight kids must survive a nuclear blast that destroys their city. They couldn't be more different: Liam Harper and his sister Lilly, who has Down's Syndrome, are outsiders who are new to public schools. Mysterious Amaranth Jones doesn't have parents; she lives in a group home. Nate and Nester Bartlett are half-brothers who don't like each other much. Rod Wasserman is a prankster and bully who has made Liam's life as a new kid miserable. His girlfriend, Amy Yamamoto, is popular cheerleader who doesn't seem to care for much beyond her hair and her makeup. And Elise Gomez is only seven and barely speaks English.

Tumbling into a bomb shelter called "The Hole" beneath Liam's house, the group face injury, deprivation and their dislike for each other. When the food runs out, they have no choice but to emerge, facing the devastation of the world above. In order to escape the fallout, they must put aside their differences and walk 200 miles to a mountain cabin, where they hope they will be safe.

This is the first book of The Doomsday Kids series.
My Rating
3.5 Stars
My Thoughts
The first half of this book was hard to get through. It just seemed to move so slow. I loved all the characters. I could relate to each of them and their interactions with each other is exactly what I would expect from people their age. I really wish there would have been a little more action at the beginning though.
The flash back were a little tiresome at points, though I see why it was added and did add to the story line and explain their emotions.
The end of the book grabbed my attentions and kept me wanting to read more. Even though the beginning was so slow I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

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