Sunday, May 11, 2014

Review: Into The Veil

Into the Veil (Veilwalker Trilogy, #1)

Title: Into The Veil
Series: Veilwalker Trilogy Book 1
Author: Jennifer McDonald
Pages: 243
Format: Kindle
Genre: Paranormal/YA
Goodreads Description 
Life isn’t easy for a teenage veilwalker. 

Lyric has been on the run for the past decade, hiding in urban squalor from her own kind. Her twin brother is her only friend, her father is closer to an old school military general than a loving parent figure, and after an unimaginable mistake during a trip to the land of the dead, she’s stuck with a disgruntled ghost who’s less than understanding about her displacement. 

Things only get worse when Lyric’s father is captured by a warlock coven wanting to ransom his life for her otherworldly abilities. Alongside her twin and a resentful spirit, she is forced back into the magical world and the very people she’s been hiding from. 

But while evading mythical creatures and battling the malevolent dead, Lyric quickly learns that in the magical world no one is as they appear, and enemies are closer than she ever anticipated. 

This is the first book in Jennifer R. McDonald's Veilwalker Trilogy.

My Ratings
5 Stars

My Thoughts

Received from Lovers Of Paranormal in exchange for an honest review.

OMG I loved this book. It is written in the voice of Lyric the veilwalker. I love how she describes all of the characters. Gemma, her ghost cracked me up. The author made me feel everything she was feeling from anger and lust to sadness and confusion. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this trilogy.

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