Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review:The Phoenix Rising: Destiny Calls

The Phoenix Rising Destiny Calls

Title: The Phoenix Rising Destiny Calls
Author: Phenice Arielle
Genre: YA
Pages: 510
Format : Kindle
Goodreads Description
Sure, Kay’s parents didn’t think twice about sending her to therapy. 

After all, Kay fully believes that she just narrowly escaped an explosion, watched a handsome co-ed walk through fire for her—oh, and that she battled an extremely skilled foe to the death—all before her 10 AM class! 

They’re just dreams of course, but when this talented NYU student wins a coveted trip to South Africa, she must soon decide whether she's willing to never see her friends and family again to help somehow familiar strangers BRING ABOUT PEACE. 

Now, if Kay can survive the hand-to-hand combat and the one with the ivory dagger who wishes her death, Kay may just become the kind of PEACE seeking hero her classmates would never believe. Kay might even fall in love. 

Of course, our brave girl may instead discover the answer to something she never wanted to know the answer TO: 

What happens… when you die.

My Rating

My Thoughts

Yay I am finally finished with this book. There were so many times that I just wanted to give up but in the end I pushed though and finished it.

Recieved from author in exchange for and honest review.

3.5 Slow but worth the Read Stars!!!!

“Destiny is that which is inevitable. It is something that must and will occur, regardless of an individual's will or desire for it to happen.”

This book is hard to rate. It was a little slow for my liking but in the end it was well worth the read.
This story was all about fulfilling your life's destiny and standing up for what you believe in no matter what the price. 

Kay journeys half way across the world on a journalism trip but instead is kidnapped. She sees and experiences horrors that are undesirable. When she is rescued she finds out the truth about herself and her dreams. During all of this she learns to stand up for her beliefs and herself no matter what the cost will be.

I am so glad that I finished this book instead of giving up on it. I loved watching Kay transform into the woman she was meant to be.

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