Saturday, April 12, 2014

Found My Love for Reading Finally!!!

Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog!!!
I have recently found my love for reading. The world of ebooks has opened my eyes to a new and better life. How you say did I finally fall for reading? Well I was bored one day and decided to surf the web. I ran across places that you could read books for free online and started reading. I read excerpts from Divergent and read some of Damien's Oracle. My man caught me reading one day and decided to get me a kindle. The day I got my kindle in the mail I opened it up and started searching the kindle bookstore. The second I did that I was hooked. There were so many free books it was hard to choose from. The first book I read on my kindle was The Mind Readers by  Lori Brighton.
This booked had me hooked and ever since I have not put my kindle down.

I decided to start this blog to share my love of reading and my reviews of books that I read. I hope you all enjoy. You can also going me at
Have a good day!!

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